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A Taste of New Toyota Yaris Hybrid

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Nov 3 , 20 12

Toyota was the first manufacturer to dominate the hybrid market in the true manner with Prius thanks to the “My other car is a Porsche” class of celebrities who want to show off how concerned are they about the planet. Now Toyota is introducing hybrid models both in its Toyota and Lexus ranges. The latest is the Toyota Yaris Hybrid, which is the only car in its class to be offered in diesel, petrol and full hybrid models. The first generation of the Yaris was launched in 1999 and more than two million units have been sold since then, making it Toyota’s best European market seller.
The Yaris offers a great fuel economy of up to 81mph with CO2 emissions of 79g/km. It returns great maneuverability and electric vehicle capability making it a great car to drive around town but that doesn’t mean it is any less performer on the motorway. The price starts from £14,995 making it cheaper to buy and run. The spacious cabin and 347 litres of boot space make Yaris a practical family car.
The test vehicle I took for a spin had an automatic gear box, which is not my favourite in smaller cars, but it worked really well in the Yaris. It had good handling, performed great on the bends and responsive steering, all of which combine to return an engaging ride. I give the Yaris top marks on driveability. Toyota hopes that Yaris will account or 20% of its overall sales and after driving the Yaris, I think it is not far from possible.

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