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Future of Toyota Hybrids is Bright

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Mar 28 , 20 15

Toyota tested the SiC technology to make Hybrid models even more efficient

The new technology will use the SiC system to make Toyota Hybrid cars even more efficient, by improving the performance of Hybrid system and electric powertrain. This yearlong trial that has been reported as a success was made by the Toyota engineers in Japan. This system will use an advanced Silicon Carbide semiconductor material, which has been initially fitted into Camry Hybrid version prototype. However, Toyota has decided to fit in this system into the hydrogen-powered fuel cell buses.


These power semiconductors are found in the power control unit of any Hybrid vehicle. It governs the electric processes of the Hybrid system helps it to recharge the battery packs when the Toyota car engine is being driven. It even helps the system to recharge the battery packs when the car is decelerating or braking.


These type of semiconductors saves almost 20 percent of power and accounts for the equal amount of electrical losses as well. The overall efficiency of the powertrain is increased with the help of this system. This new semiconductor creates less resistance than the previous versions of these type of semiconductors.



They even support the flow of power. The technology has been developed by the Toyota and Denso Corporation. Toyota central R&D division has helped the Denso to create the semiconductor.


Toyota is using this semiconductor in the prototype of Camry, it is fitted in the PCU. The internal voltage setup converter and the inverter controls the power delivery to the motors.


It will collect data about PCU voltage and current, driving speed and patterns, system conditions and outside temperature conditions. System assess the efficiency levels by comparing the data from semiconductors, and silicon semiconductors. Toyota has also recently started collecting data from a fuel cell bus, which is a regular commercial operation in Toyota city.


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