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How Toyota Colorado Turns On the Heat on Land Rover?

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Dec 9 , 20 15

How Toyota Colorado rides well in the face of a challenging competition from German automakers


Toyota Colorado is one of the best competitors for a Land Rover Discovery and is nearly the same size. It’s very strong off-road, with standard high and low ratio gears, but handy on Tarmac, too.

The Toyota Colorado rides well most of the time, better even than a Land Rover on certain terrains and much better than a Mitsubishi Shogun.

Toyota Colorado Engines

The Toyota Colorado only has one diesel and one petrol engine. However, the best is the Toyota D4-D diesel engine that was first launched in January 2001.

It was powerful and more frugal than the TD, it replaced, so it was much more appropriate for a typical Colorado owner than the V6 petrol. No matter which version you go for, you will get lots of standard equipment.

Other features

Even the basic FX version comes equipped with air-con and electric windows, but if you spend a little more you can get CD changer and other luxuries on the best GX trim.

Likewise, routine servicing on the Land Rover is a little more expensive than on a Land Cruiser and insurance is pretty much identical on the two, with most Colorado in group 14 or 15. The only possible drawback is that unscheduled repairs could be quite dare.

Colorado vs. Land Rover Repair Costs

Repair costs on Toyota’s in general and on Land Rover in particular are higher than average. All Land Cruisers have a reputation for solid reliability and the Colorado is no exception. Toyota Colorado hasn’t had any recalls and we don’t expect any problems to appear in the future.

Not only has Toyota done consistently well in JD Power reports, the company’s other 4x4s have also performed powerfully. To sum it up, the Toyota Colorado gives the Land Rover run for its money. The Colorado has an excellent built quality that is widely spread to the used vehicle market and prices remained high. Colorado is also very impressive on the running costs.

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