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New Auris Gets New Toyota Turbo Engines

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May 8 , 20 15


Toyota introduces new turbo engines for the updated JDM Auris, will it be a market leader


Toyota is the leader in Hybrid technology and has developed some class leading Hybrid power-trains. The Japanese auto giant also knows, how to skin a legendary cat? Especially when the emissions are on priority. Auris has the same story, where Toyota has introduced a series of comparatively green engines. Toyota has announced a series of downsized turbocharged engines for the new JDM Auris.


The 8NR-FTS engine series comprises of a new 1.2 litre turbocharged and direct injection engines. A single scrolled turbocharger technology with water cooled exhaust manifolds has also been introduced. Cooling system has been integrated into the cylinder heads.


New Toyota Auris engine series has been designed to deliver performance and responsive acceleration with peak torque across wide range of rpms from very low to high. New engine line-up will offer a drastically improved thermal efficiency and fuel economy.


It features the Toyota D-4T technology combined with direct injection technology and a turbocharger. All these features are exclusively packed in a four cylinder engine. Toyota also uses continuously variable intake valve timing on these engines to squeeze maximum power from minimum fuel. The smallest engine is capable of producing 114bhp with 136 lb-ft of torque from only 1.2-litre size.



Initially, the engine is being introduced on a redesigned Auris hatchback in Japan only. Apart from 1.2-litre engine, Auris will be available with a 1.5-litre and 1.8-litre engines. Gearbox options are also available where buyers will be able to elect between six speed CVT transmission and a manual. Toyota Auris 120T with a new 1.2-litre engine has a CVT as standard and leads the new Auris range.


New Auris has improved interior, exterior and performance as well, but it is not clear whether Toyota will introduce the new Auris with range of new engines in UK markets or not.

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