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A Pick-up to be an SUV! New Toyota Hilux with Improved Efficiency

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Jul 29 , 20 16

More Efficient, More Accurate, The new Toyota Hilux

The new Toyota Hilux is progressing both in functioning and formation from its predecessors. What makes it efficient than ever is its classier, more comfortable and nicer driving experience. Its payload capacity is improved and the load bay is wider. The Toyota Hilux engine is designed to drag heavy loads and the new one does this activity smoothly.

Toyota Hilux Engine Ranges

The Hilux is manufactured in two variants. One variant is for UK with a 2.4-litre four-cylinder diesel engine with 148bhp. The option for a six speed automatic or manual gearbox is available for the buyers. The second variant gets the choice to have a more powerful 2.8-litre diesel engine. The 2.4-litre four-cylinder engine is more efficient and powerful than the previous one of 3.0-litre unit. The new version if also efficient in producing torque of 295lb ft.

Dynamic Features of Gearbox

The new Toyota Hilux is combined with both auto and manual gearbox options. The six-speed automatic gearbox with improved fuel efficiency of 36.2mpg and the CO2 emission is also revised with improved output of 204g/km. However, the six-speed manual gearbox is slightly better in the fuel efficiency. It can produce the fuel economy figures of 40.4mpg with CO2 emission of 185g/km. The manual variant is also cheaper from the automatic transmission by £1250.

What Dimensions are improved in new Hilux?

The refinement of the new 2.4-litre engine is generally good. The engine produces low sound at a cruise and it is more sophisticated than before, however, it the engine clatter is loud when accelerating. The steering is also impressively improved. It’s weightier and more accurate than the previous one. However, the body bounces over bumps at low speed when unloaded. But still it is the closest pick-up matching the SUV standards.

The new Hilux also have two different driving modes, the PWR mode and the Eco mode. PWR mood is specially designed to sharpen the throttle response. The Eco modes relax the engine and alter the air-con fan speed to low speed.

Upgraded Suspension

As far as the suspension is concerned, it is smartly recreated and well-tuned for off-roading. Excellent features for off-road drive are also installed in it such as hill descent control, rear diff lock, low range gearbox as well as option to switch between two and four wheel drive.

Toyota Hilux is a multipurpose pick-up and is a best choice for heavy duty works.

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