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In SUV Class, TOYOTA C-HR is a Good Addition

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Aug 24 , 20 17

It is a well-furnished SUV, in every dimension

Toyota C-HR SUV is a direct challenger of Nissan Qashqai, KIA Sportage and Audi Q2

In midsized SUVs, Toyota C-HR is one of the leading items with its great features, concept car designing and stylish body structure with good practicality. SUVs are the luxurious vehicles, widely used all over the world. With excellent features and equipment Toyota C-HR is a great option to choose. Toyota is a name of worthy vehicles and latest C-HR SUV has proved once again that Toyota is one of the leading manufacturers in the automobile field. Bumper to bumper this vehicle is dashing, strong and elegant. It’s AWD, FWD, manual transmission and automatic gearbox do really fantastic job for it.

Interior and practicality of C-HR is superb


Toyota has made a concept car in the disguise of C-HR SUV, so it’s interior and exterior is also with some concept. Its exterior is so odd but dashing in appearance. Rear door lever is on unique place. Tail lamps are completely different than any other Tail lights of any SUV. Its roof and side glass panels are of different style. As far as its interior is concerned, it is a great midsized SUV with stylish, well knitted and comfortable interior. Its interior is luxurious one for five occupants. With plenty of practicalities in its interior C-HR is an affordable SUV.

With one petrol and one hybrid it does well


There are no more choices than single petrol and a hybrid engine. Both are approximately same in performance. A 1.2-Litre Toyota petrol engine is capable of 113bhp and 136lb/ft torque. It is a regular Toyota engine with four-cylinders. It is good in overall performance. It takes 10.6 seconds to reach from 0-62m/h along with top speed of 120m/h. Fuel consumption is very good with 47m/g along with 136g/km of Co2 emissions. It is available in multi combinations. It is available in six-speed manual and front-wheel drive, six-speed manual and AWD and six-speed automatic gearbox with AWD unit as standard.

1.8-Litre hybrid engine is a petrol/hybrid engine is capable of 120bhp and 105lb/ft torque. Its petrol average is very impressive with 72m/g and Co2 emissions are just 87g/km. It is the expert’s pick anyways. It takes 10.6 seconds to get from 0-62m/h along with top speed of 105m/h. It is fitted with different mechanical combinations as we discussed above in its petrol engine description.

Basic equipment and features are great to use and operate


Toyota C-HR has great features and equipment. ABS is extra ordinary with electronic control, adaptive cruise control, dual climate control, traction control, standard airbags with side wall curtains, electric mirrors, electric windows, parking sensors, rear view camera, front fog lights, heated mirrors, heated seats, Sat Nav and steering wheel rake and reach adjustments. Its infotainment system is great to use. Its safety kit is exceptional one and makes it a safe and reliable car with strong built level. it has gained five stars in Euro NCAP crash test rating. Authority is well satisfied by the performance of Toyota C-HR.

It offers great fun to drive with perfect mechanism. All combinations are worthy in operations with nice, smooth and comfortable ride on motorway and town driving as well.

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