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The Toyota 4Runner is a True Truck

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Jan 9 , 20 13

The 2010 Toyota 4Runner is a brawny “true truck” worth serious consideration if tough off-roading capability for regular trail driving is one of your requirement and it won’t sacrifice comfort the rest of the time. In an age of downsizing, lightening, and increasing political correctness, Toyota is introduced a redesigned 4Runner whose only concession to the changing times is the deletion of a V-8 engine from the options list. To soothe that hurt, the 4.0-liter V-6’s output goes beyond that of the old V-8’s 270bhp, compared to 260bhp. Off-road  lovers rejoiced that the 4Runner was dedicated mainly to the trail, and was being built on the platform the current model shares with the FJ Cruiser.

Further, with a revised 4.0-liter 270bhp 278-pound-foot DOHC V-6 Toyota engine is paired with a five-speed automatic. The 4Runner is competitively quick for a 4762-pound vehicle, delivering 0 to 60 in 7.8 seconds and the quarter mile in 15.9 at 87.3 mph. For comparison, a 4750-pound 276bhp 267-pound-foot Kia Borrego V-6 4WD hits 60 in 7.5 and the quarter mile in 15.9 at 87.2.

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