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Toyota Avensis is flag carrier vehicle

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Aug 17 , 20 18

In a new edition, Toyota adds two new engines to the range for more options

Toyota is a big vehicle producer and interested in the variety of automobiles from cars to commercial loaders and sports coupe. But Avensis is flag carrier of the company and manage to be bread and butter of it as well.

Toyota Avensis is a spacious and moderately equipped car to cruise well on highways. Two new engines have been added to the range and appearance also gets tweaks to become sharp in looks. One of these two 2.0 litre diesel engine is capable of 141bhp has been borrowed from BMW.

That is why huge expectations relied on it as the reliability of the brand always quite good. The power it produces is not of sporty ranks but enough to do well when you need agility. Refinement is not great but it is smooth and allows the only little bit of vibration to enter the cabin.

Rivals offer even better diesel competitors. When you look at handling and ride quality both are also supporting its claim to be a suitable option for covering hundreds of miles on wider roads.

The top package offers some luxurious features for interior


Suspension of the Toyota Avensis is to keep bumps out of the cabin by absorbing them without creating a spongy feel. Five trim packages are being offered for the automobile. Top of these has all the company’s safety sense features along with other driving aids.

Keyless entry and ignition are among standard specifications. Peculiar to this trim level are leather upholstery, heated front seats and dual-zone auto climate control. The latest navigation system of the carmaker is also part of it.

Ten speaker stereo and voice control for the media is to make you feel in a lavish setup. Reversing camera can be viewed on eight inches screen and there are no parking sensors.

Tourer model offers better access to the boot area


The spacious cabin is good to keep riders in ideal comfort for a journey spread over hours. Saloon version of the car has boot space of 509 litres that is enough to hold big bags but access is not good through the tailgate.

Tourer offers better access to the boot area and more space too but you have to pay extra for these facilities. Five years warranty and repute of the company are also among the irresistible temptations for buyers of this class of vehicles.

It is an automobile produced for maximum utility in the real world than just facts on papers.

While cruising on the highway you feel best


This family-oriented choice has now come up with the number of changes and these have made drive quality better than before. At low speed, it may not as smooth as others do but when it starts cruising it proves extremely good for a ride.

Have you hear about Toyota Funky i-Ride? Click on the link to read about it.

From the range of three engines only petrol engine, 1.8 litre is good for private buyers and rest two diesel machines are for all other buyers. The larger of the two is a better choice for adequate power and six-speed manual transmissions are to make it run smoothly.

With conventional body design car may not as appealing as modern cars usually are but performance is key for its success.

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