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Toyota Colorado – a Serious Match for the Land Rover Discovery

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Jan 8 , 20 13

The Toyota Colorado is one of the best rivals for a Land Rover Discovery, and much the same size. It’s very strong off-road, with standard high- and low-ratio gears, but pretty handy on Tarmac, too. It rides well most of the time, better even than a Land Rover in certain situations and much better than a Mitsubishi Shogun.

The Colorado’s cabin may look pretty dull, but it’s as roomy and well-built as the very best. Even the three-door model has more than enough room for five, and the five-door is even more practical, with two optional seats in the boot, giving it some MPV-style flexibility.

At any given point in the Colorado’s life, there was only ever one diesel and one petrol engine. However, our favourite is the D4-D diesel Toyota Colorado for sale that was introduced in January 2001. It was stronger and more fuel-efficient than the TD it replaced, so it was much more suitable for a typical Colorado owner than the V6 petrol.

No matter which trim you choose, you won’t be short-changed. Even the basic FX includes air-con and electric windows, but we’d spend a little more to get a CD changer and other luxuries on our favourite GX trim.

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