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Toyota Emina – This car is Surprisingly Lovely Inside

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Jan 12 , 20 13

The Toyota Emina’s Cabin lighting, storage, stowage, ventilation, heating, seating, and general practicality and functionality are amazing. It has many lovingly crafted details you wouldn’t expect. This car was designed by people who actually like other people. The car is better on the open road than on curvy country lanes. It is quiet, long-legged, and has sufficient power for passing and climbing, even fully loaded with passengers and cargo.

Its Steering and handling can feel a bit doughy around town, but you get used to it. The accelerator pedal seems strangely sticky and unresponsive, almost like a mere stop and go switch which is another thing you get used to eventually. Having eight seats, separate AC in the back, and two glass roofs is very cool. This car is surprisingly lovely inside.

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