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Toyota Hovercraft Coming to a Street Near You

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Jun 12 , 20 14

Toyota Hovercraft Explained

Google’s self-driving cars have been in the news over the past few weeks, but they aren’t the only company with futuristic automotive ideas. A new report has Toyota working on a new tech that would let cars hover above the road.

Toyota today said it’s investigated the possibility of vehicles that are capable of hovering just above the road, technology designed to improve efficiency. In an interview at Bloomberg’s Next Big Thing Summit in San Francisco, Hiroyoshi Yoshiki, the managing officer with Toyota’s technical administration group said that the company had been studying a similar idea of flying cars at one of its “most advanced” research and development areas, but cautioned that the concept was not like actually flying around in three-dimensional space. Instead, he said, the plan is to get the car “a little bit away” from the road to reduce friction, similar to a hovercraft.

Following the interview, Yoshiki declined to elaborate on when the company began investigating the idea, how far along it is, or if it ever plans to bring it to market. Toyota is a single of the biggest automakers in the planet, but it is not satisfied with simply building and offering traditional automobiles – it’s been at the forefront of numerous developments in ground transportation. It was the first to introduce Hybrid technology, and alongside Audi and Google, is between the 1st automakers seriously testing self-driving cars.

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