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Toyota Introduces Safety-Sense Technologies Across the Range

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Feb 14 , 20 15

Toyota has announced that the series of active safety technologies will be offered across the range from 2015


Toyota has announced new active safety tech, including a crash prevention system, will be rolled out on new models in 2015. All the European models will enjoy the safety tech series. Cars like the Aygo and Yaris will be exclusively equipped with new technologies. Next generation Auris and Avensis will also be available with safety sense package later this year. There will be a pre-collision crash avoidance function along with driver override system to avoid the crash.

Toyota is rivalling the manufacturers like Ford and Volkswagen, who have introduced the crash detection system on their most luxurious models. Toyota safety sense system will be available standard on most models and as an option on some selective models by the end of this year.

Pre-collision system uses the car’s radar scanners and camera system to detect the vehicles ahead and computer system calculates the probability of collision.  Audiovisual warnings prompt the drivers to take necessary measures according to the situation. This system will work best at the speeds between 6mph to 50mph.

Luxury models will be offered with the advanced millimetre wave radar system that will allow the driver to use the system even at top speeds. It enhances the functionality of adaptive cruise control system, lane assist system and other safety features. Automatic high beam also uses the same sensors to adjust the light system when it detects the oncoming traffic. There is a road sign assist function that store the driving behaviours and warn the drivers if they are exceeding the speed limits. Toyota also claims that the models will attract lower insurance premiums because of safety sense systems, but we don’t expect to see the technology in Toyotas before the end of this year.

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