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Toyota Land Cruiser is a worthy SUV in its class

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Jan 24 , 20 18

Its luxurious features are impressive

Extraordinary comfort with premium and classic touch of luxury, it is Toyota Land Cruiser V8

In exclusive SUVs, Toyota Land Cruiser V8 is a powerful contestant in the presence of latest new SUVs such as Land Rover Range Rover, Mercedes-Benz GL-Class and Audi Q7 SUV. Toyota land cruiser V8 is a big sized SUV with fantastic equipment and features with extra ordinary good practicality. It is a costly tag to buy and to live with but it offers quality apart in each and every sense. It is strong in built dashing and rugged in look and its AWD ability is really impressive. It looks like a giant on roads. Its rivals have luxurious look and appearance but Toyota Land Cruiser V8 has its own impression due to its well balanced and smooth designing.  Its practical approach makes it prominent in its category.

Features are great in quality and perfect in usage.


Toyota Land Cruiser V 8 is an impressive vehicle with luxurious features and equipment. It has four-zone climate controls with separate control systems, headlamps are with automatic washers, parking sensors are available at front and rear with camera assist parking system. DVD player, multi-changer CD player, 20-inch alloy and steel wheels, anti-lock braking system with efficient electrically controlled workability system, body colored bumper, electric sunroof, electric windows and mirrors, heated and cooled seats, hip-hugging leather upholstered seats with lumbar support, sat nav, infotainment system,  standard airbags with side curtains s along with knee protection airbags  for all seats, big boot at back seven-seat perfect adjustment with perfect practical approach and steering wheel rake and reach adjustment system. Safety systems and warning systems are perfect in working.

Exterior and interior are simply impressive.


Toyota Land Cruiser V8 has an impressive exterior with nice and bulky interior. Its exterior has its own attraction. Its smooth structural design with round edged corners are exclusive front is impressive with solid grille and big headlamps. Sides are plain with foot bumper at the bottom for easy access. It shows Toyota’s concern with the comfort of its users.  The tail is big and wide with very simple touches but has grandeur. Interior is stylish and simple with elite equipment and features. It is fully packed with luxurious equipment and features. Each and every system shows the worth of the vehicle. Wooden touches are superb and look royal. Internal space is more than enough for seven or eight passengers. Practicality is great with good cubby holes.

With single V8 diesel engine, it is impressive in performance.


There is a single V8 Land Cruiser engine with 280bhp and 480lb/ft torque. It is a great combination of such a big vehicle. It takes 7.8 seconds to reach from 0-62m/h along with top speed of 135m/h. Though there are some speedy rivals available in the market but royalty and luxury, it offers is not compromising. Its fuel consumption is very high with 25m/g of fuel average along with 270g/km of CO2 emissions. It is fitted with six-speed automatic gearbox and with four-wheel drive unit as standard.

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