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Will Hydrogen Mirai Be Able to Reinvent Prius Like Success?

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Nov 7 , 20 15

Toyota hopes to recreate its success story with hydrogen powered Mirai as a next generation green car


After discontinuing the production of Prius plug-in hybrid, Toyota is now hoping for the same success from its hydrogen powered Mirai as a next generation green car. But, it will be very hard to replicate the success story as of the Prius in previous decades.

What is Mirai?

The all new Toyota Mirai is the successor of the Prius plug-in hybrid. Toyota Mirai also holds the title of being the first ever mass produced hydrogen powered vehicle in the world. It definitely could be a smart and powerful version of the Toyota Prius.

What does Mirai Mean?

In the Japanese language, Mirai stands for “Future” and it will bring a new futuristic change in the automotive world with hydrogen powered mobility options.

Is it coming soon?

Currently, the automotive manufacturing industry is a bit slow in developing the hydrogen powered vehicles and Toyota is pioneering the technology again, just like the Toyota Prius in previous decades. The Mirai is available in Japanese markets and is planning to go sale in the UK, Europe and USA in the winter.

Initially, it will be offered as a limited version with only 700 vehicles across the globe, out of which less than 100 cars will be shipped to Europe and the UK.

How much will it cost?

The Mirai will be available from only £44,000 in Japanese market and in the UK from £52,000. In the USA, government subsidies will help make this purchase even easier. According to the analysts, even these prices are very high, but Toyota is still losing money on every car.

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