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Gain efficiency up to 30 per cent with Toyota’s ultra-efficient engines

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Apr 23 , 20 14

Toyota, Mazda and Ford will be fighting for the top

Every automaker’s current focus is the development of any kind of an engine that is the most efficient among the rest of the others. In the present days, major competition is going on between Mazda and Ford and now there is another contender to claim its rightful place, the Japanese automaker, Toyota. In the war of light car efficiency, Toyota has recently unveiled two new ultra-efficient engines, intended to help its upcoming model of Yaris that is due in 2015, give Mazda and Ford a real tough time.

For the Yaris to win this battle for light car sales, it will have to prove itself against upcoming Mazda 2 which is using skyactiv technology and the Ford Fiesta using EcoBoost technology, offering gains almost similar as of Toyota’s. There are rumours of Toyota planning to use these new engines in its upcoming model of Rush, if that happens, Toyota Rush will become Australia’s one of the most fuel efficient SUVs. Daihatsu, a small car brand of Toyota has joined the venture with parent company, Toyota, to co-develop these two power plants; a 1.0-litre and a 1.3-litre.

Both of these engines are using a newly developed technology known as Atkinson cycle, with it the compression ratio is increased and the waste of heat is reduced thus operate more efficiently. The major drawback of using Atkinson cycle is: its power production is lesser than ordinary engine, that’s why it mostly has been applied in hybrid vehicles till now. Thanks to Toyota’s state of the art technology, both of these engines now retain maximum power without sacrificing the economy at all. A cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system, an electronically controlled variable valve timing (VVT-iE) and a redesigned intake port will be used in the 1.3-litre engine.

Both of these engines could be used in the very basic entry-level models of Daihatsu and Toyota unlike Volvo C30 and Mini Cooper which are using in premium offerings. It is said that the start of production is due in coming weeks.

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