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Is Toyota Avensis 2.0 D-4D T3-X still a strong contender in the class?

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Mar 6 , 20 14

The new refreshed Toyota Avensis is powered by new 2.0-litre diesel which is an efficient engine that only adds to its real-world appealing. This locally built Avensis has a refreshed interior and better built exterior with some seriously revised system tweaks and mechanical parts in the 2.0 Litre D-4 D engines. Exterior changes include front and rear bumpers re-styling and door mirrors equipped with indicators.

Interior changes include T3-x trim which provides climate control and dusk sensing lights and an exclusive traction control system in all models as standard. Expect to its repute in the past, now Toyota Avensis is very safe vehicle and in new safety tests, it has a five star Euro NACP rating which is very impressive but a bit uninspiring. The D-4D engine is very impressive and offers a massive power punch and elevated torque with enhanced acceleration that produces fewer emissions than its predecessors to whom it replacing. It is further quiet and refined with great flexibility but it is still mated to the six speed transmission to make the Avensis an excellent motorway cruise.
Toyota Avensis rides very determined yet agile and it all comes due to re-tuned suspension system and shock absorbers and anti-roll bars. The body control is better than ever on the corners, though the steering lacks the accuracy of the Ford Mondeo’s. However, outstanding ergonomics and an almost flawless driving position give easiness in drive for hours. Wind noise manages to penetrate the cabin above the windscreen and a spongy feel from the brake paddle.
If you would like to own a car that won’t blend your sensation and gives an average driving pleasure, the Avensis is an uncommon variety of family car that does everything very well. Upright room, an enormous engine, enhancements and undisputed reliability certainly make this car worth considering. The Avensis has been gently sharpened to remain a strong competitor in the class.

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