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Meet The Restructured Toyota 86

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Aug 8 , 20 14

Two years ago when Toyota 86 was launched, it captured the hearts of many auto enthusiasts but the best of it just have hit the showroom when it received a massive update package a month ago and a few lucky drivers got the chance to test drive it. No doubt it is a great looking car that has a revised interior which is warmed-over more than ever before and having all those unique electronic gizmos to charm you.

The old suspension system has been revised to enhance the driving experience, meanwhile the new 86 will be available in two exclusive trims, a GTS and a GT, first trim will be powered by an automatic transmission while the later has a manual gearbox. You can have either version for as little as 29,990 U.S. dollars. The new car is one of a kind Sports car with all the right boxes ticked for such a wonderful price.

It is inspired by the German models and has rear wheel drive configurations and two door Coupe body style. A boxer engine is used to power the vehicle. It is a 2.0 Litre 4-cylinder engine that is especially refined to get a place in Toyota engines line-up

Neither it’s too light, nor Commodore-heavy but its dimensions make the car a small sized sports car that you would love to have it in your driveway today because of its youthful features. The all new 86 is not very agile, to be honest, it is a sports car but takes 7.5 seconds to get 62 miles per hour speed from standstill but after that benchmark speed, there is much to enjoy.

This all new boxer engine of 2.0 Litre 4-cylinders is a co-developed by Subaru and Toyota, well capable of generating 197 horsepower and a 150 Lb-Ft of torque which is, on the note, may not be an earth moving force but it surely does sound thrilling when you drive. There is a big list of people interested in buying the updated 86 but it is merely good when compared to premium sports car.

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