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The Ever Efficient Toyota RAV4 Engine

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Mar 18 , 20 13

The Toyota RAV 4 has been a hot seller for almost 20years, but this latest model is more

conventional than the model it’s replacing. It has a lower driving position and more practical tail gate. The latest Toyota RAV4 has been given slim front pillars. The Toyota RAV4 engine includes a 2.0 litre new engine for Toyota RAV4. This new engine for Toyota RAV4 range has been designed to give the new model an unmatched balance of front and all wheel drive as well as class leading CO2 emissions.

The 2013 Toyota RAV4 builds on the core values of its predecessors, while introducing distinctive new styling, a premium quality interior, stronger and more rewarding dynamic performance and more fuel-efficient engines. It is worth mentioning the Toyota RAV4 engine 2.0 diesel front wheel drive. It is equipped with Toyota’s Stop & Start technology which produces just 127g/km of CO2.

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