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The Toyota Auris With New Range of Engines

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Feb 4 , 20 13

No doubt the GT 86 is a very sleek and desirable car, but Toyota also has to cover other areas of the auot market like MPVs, hatchbacks and saloons. The all-new Toyota Auris is a recent attempt to do so. Unlike its predecessor, the new Auris has a spark to it. The hybrid version has its batteries fitted under the seats resulting in the same boot space as the standard model and they are also 70kg lesser in weight than the outgoing model. The Toyota engines for sale in the new Auris include a 99bhp1.3L petrol Auris engine, 130bhp 1.6L petrol engine and a 1.8L engine in the hybrid model with 98bhp. The diesel engine for Toyota Auris is a 1.4L unit that returns 89bhp. A three cylinder1.0L petrol engine wit turbo s also expected to be added to the Toyota Auris engine range. The gearbox for Toyota Auris is six speed automatic and comes as standard.

The new Toyota Auris also boasts a stylish shape thanks to the bold face and sleeky shoulder lines that make their way till the rear. The price ranges from £17,495 to £20,245

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