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Toyota Aygo has Some Good Features to Attract Buyers

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Sep 8 , 20 21

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Toyota Aygo with its stylish front and aerodynamic sides easily attract many buyers of small cars. For busy roads of cities, such cars are always preferred. With other modern vehicle features this smart hatch of a Japanese carmaker a nice choice. The car is pleasantly distinguished from competitors so you will enjoy easy recognition.

There is no choice for buyers so only one 71 bhp three cylinders petrol unit available. The 1.0 litre petrol unit is a gutsy performer so you do not need to worry about its muscle. Five doors model is offered and no option of three doors model. Options are offered but in trim packages and exterior paint.

You get five trim packages and all have different features. Similarly, a variety of colour combinations can also be used for a different look. You can have either a manual or semi-auto gearbox with the only engine of Toyota Aygo. An extended five years or 100,000 miles warranty another advantage for buyers of this small car.

This is why such cars are getting popular among budget-conscious buyers. Quite a long time you enjoy this peace of mind. For routine short distance travelling the car has required power and for cruising on the highway you have to drive intelligently. Toyota Aygo used engine is a reasonable choice and for owners of the car a good replacement.

The car shows real power at high revs of 4600 rpm and with a manual gearbox you have to be smart. Ride comfort remains good whether you cover a short distance on bustling roads or cruise on motorway speed. Passing on a patchy road at high speed could make this experience bit awkward.

For good handling, steering plays an important role

The short wheelbase also keeps it decent rather than excellent when it comes to comfort. Some rivals do well both in providing ride comfort and engine power so buyers can easily move towards other options in the segment. For good handling, steering plays an important role and Toyota Aygo has precisely weighted steering, which is responsive too.

Driving becomes easier with such a wheel in hand. For a small car manoeuvring on a busy road is a real advantage and this car has this flair. Turning sharply and parking in tight places is not a problem as well. Toyota Aygo remanufactured engine is more reliable than a used car engine because it has been tested before selling.

Body lean is not well under control but you can trust its acceleration and braking performance for smart driving. As the engine needs to work harder so refinement does not meet high standards. You can feel pedals trembling under your feet and the same can be felt through hands.

While cruising this situation improves and also at smooth strolling in streets the car proves well refined. Road noise remains subdued but wind noise again creates a disturbance for cabin occupants. If you choose a canvas roof for the vehicle then the cabin would be quite noisy so if you want refinement then do not choose canvas.

Gear shifting is not ideally smooth and pedals could make it uneasy. The driver gets a good seat to drive this little car and there is the possibility of height adjustment. It is comfortable and supportive so you find it better than rivals have been offering.

Comfort for driver and riders

Backrest adjustment has been made easy through rotary dial so some little good things are noticed for the comfort of the driver. Rivals offer old lever-style adjustment so Toyota has made development in this regard. Steering wheel adjustment is possible for height only and you cannot adjust reach so it is usual for the class of city cars.

Controls present on the dash are simple to use and within reach of the person in driving seat. Visibility from the driver’s seat has been made good with thinner front pillars and bigger windows. It also increases the ease of parking. Ease of looking front road is appreciated but at the same time back view is not ideal. To overcome this issue a rearview camera has been made standard in all trims so.

Furthermore, you can add rear parking sensors, though for a small car it is not required. LED headlamps are not offered, instead of LED daytime running lights are standard for all trims. Fog lights and auto headlamps are also part of higher trims. An infotainment system with a seven inches touch screen is also standard in Toyota Aygo.

Interior tech features of the car

This infotainment system has a DAB radio and Bluetooth connectivity option as well. Built-in satellite navigation is missing whereas you get Apple Car-play and Android Auto for the car. This allows you navigation facility of your phones. Car engines need to be changed and Toyota Aygo replacement engines can be a choice for you.

The screen display is sharp and the menus are easily identified by users. Connecting mobile through infotainment system Bluetooth is simple and you quickly learn how to connect. In higher trims, you get a better audio system to enjoy the infotainment system fully. Leather-wrapped steering is standard and in a top trim package, you get semi leather upholstery so a touch of luxury can be enjoyed. The use of low quality plastic does not make it a good quality interior but for a small car, such compromise is obvious.

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