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Toyota Camry is rechecked for safety

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Dec 27 , 20 13

In the automotive safety tests; state of the art technologies are used to evaluate vehicles against motorway crashes. Some famous models perform badly in their previously taken tests and they are called again for safety tests after a reasonable period of time given to their manufacturers, some of the examples of such cases include Audi A4, Toyota Camry, Prius V, and RAV4. These models are lined-up again to face new small offset front crash test to evaluate crash impact as these models were dropped from Consumer Reports’ recommendations due to poor performance.

Based on fresh test results, Toyota Camry was declared a fit model up to recommended status. The Camry scored good points in the conventional restrained overlap front and side crash tests but the small-overlap test demonstrated a challenge, as it has for various cars. The small-overlap test entails a diverse design tactic to guard occupants from the force being concerted on a smaller section of the car’s front, just 25 percent compared to the 40 percent for the moderate-overlap front crash test.

While both tests are carried out at 40 mph, the well-known restrained offset test sees the vehicle twisted into a deformable barrier and the small-overlap test uses a predetermined, hard barrier designed to embody a fixed, solid object. The small impact zone against a rock-hard object ponders crash forces on the outer edges of the vehicle body, which aren’t well confined by the conventional crush zones. All newer model designs are developed according to these techniques and they are way better than older models, such as the Camry, that were designed and engineered before the small-overlap test was introduced and it was the main factor missing in the Camry.

Toyota has made adjustments to the Camry’s formation to get better performance in this test. As an outcome, models manufactured after November 2013 are rated satisfactory, up from the preceding Poor rating. This development and enhancement is sufficient for user Reports to restore our reference for Camry with the safety development and enrichment. The updated Camry cars began production on December 16, 2013.

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