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Toyota Corolla 2014 is powered by efficient engine and transmission

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Jan 24 , 20 14

All new 2014 Corolla is powered by an all new and greatly refined naturally aspirated, 1.8 Litre engine with inline four cylinders, coupled with either aforesaid four speed gearbox or six speed manual gearboxes for L and S Plus trims, continuously variable transmission (CVT) is also available on new Corolla engine that Toyota calls CVTi-S. This CVT has programmed for seven “shift points” that the driver can exclusively use them with the help of paddle shifters mounted on the steering wheel of S models. It has a really astounding part as well, gave this paddled setup a rigorous swivel and, in a straight line it is a good thing though. Frankly, it’s by a hair’s breadth visible under daily driving circumstances if you ride it for a try.

The L, LE, and S trims are using a version of the 1.8 litre engine. It is seriously refined up to generate 132 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and 128lb-ft of torque at 4,400 rpm. There is another version of 1.8 Litre engines which is capable of producing 140 hp at 6,100 rpm and 126 lb-ft of entwine at 4,000 rpm. If it smacks you as rearwards for Toyota not to put the most powerful version of the Corolla engines in the S trim, you aren’t unaided but there’s excellent way of thinking. It has reasonable fuel economy of 29mpg in the city areas and 32mpg while you are riding on motorway.
In the all new Toyota Corolla Eco models, Toyota’s new Valvematic system has been installed for the optimized valve lift and timing to take full advantage of fuel economy and the Valvematic technology also results in a small amplification in horsepower, as well. According to Toyota, preliminary production of the Valvematic engine is limited, and for the reason that of this, it’s put aside for exclusively bring into play on the LE Eco, which is accepted to account for only 10% sales of Toyota Corolla.

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