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Toyota Corolla is Still in Competition With Honda Civic

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May 7 , 20 14

Toyota Corolla still ticks all the boxes for quality and reliability

The 2014 Toyota Corolla is not the kind of saloon that gets you perceived, but it is a high-quality packed in beauty and will almost certainly taking the second place from top in its class, next to the class leading Honda Civic.

It is powered by a rock solid reliable 1.8 Litre Toyota engine with four cylinders in Corolla S. This engine can exclusively generate 132bhp while pushes the package with a reasonably strong torque of 128 Lb-Ft. There is an Eco model from which you can get a bit extra and it is a remarkable engine in all aspects.

All new 2014 Corolla S model has all the cues to use, it has 4-speed automatic transmission with a 6-speed manual and a CVT is also there. There is something for everybody but it is fitted only to the base models. if you talk about the cabin of the Corolla then you will find that the new model has done its homework very well with the cabin. It has a stitched plastic in the cabin that looks like an expensive interior. If you are looking at the 2014 Corolla S then you are probably trying to decide among Civic and Corolla. Though civic is a great luxury but its gearbox is decreasing its reputation.

The Corolla S Premium is absolutely the kind of model you wish for; to take a wrestle against the Honda, with its trim levels being better-quality to what you’d presume for the money.

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