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Toyota Corolla Verso Stands Tall

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Jan 2 , 20 13

A five door compact MPV was built by Toyota in 1997 in the form of an estate. In the early times, it was produced as a two box minivan which had a deep similarity with Toyota Avensis. In 2009, its production as Corolla was stopped and Toyota Verso took place. What made it different from the Corolla was the platform it was built on. It was the first Toyota to be built outside the Japan, the main focus for this model was European market where eventually it did very well. Soon after its launch in Europe, it became the best seller in compact MPV niche.


The engines for Toyota Corolla Verso are offered in petrol and diesel variation. A 1.6-litre Toyota Corolla Verso engine for sale is considered to be the best one, whereas the other engine for Toyota Corolla Verso in petrol is 1.8-litre. In diesel, a 2.0-litre engine is very economical to use. For two generations it shared the name Toyota Corolla Verso. Opel Zafira and Volkswagen Touran are Corolla Verso’s rivals, but it still stands tall.

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