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Toyota is ready for further “emotional surprises”, like the FT-1 concept

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Mar 5 , 20 14

Executive vice president of Toyota Europe, Karl Schlicht said that Toyota’s more emotional designs are on the way and Toyota has promised more emotional surprises like the FT-1 concept, as Toyota continues to smoothly change its figure from a producer of insipid, reasonable cars to a more inspiring brand. Akio Toyoda [CEO of Toyota] has really worked hard and changed the image of Toyota. He has very different technique to go about the business. He’s told everyone working at Toyota not to chase the number one spot but to do things right and money will come automatically when people will like the cars you make.

Executive vice president of Toyota Europe Karl Schlicht believes that if Akio Toyoda wasn’t the CEO of Toyota then their products would still be insipid and characterless. He further added that if thirty percent people don’t like Toyota products there is nothing to worry about, because Toyota is only after fewer than ten percent market share. The LFA project of Toyota’s luxury division Lexus is also pushed into production by Toyoda.

Toyota is making very brave decisions including GT-86 at production stage, FT-1 concept, new Supra and a joint Sports car project with BMW. The Lexus LFA was the hardest project to push through but Toyoda made it happen anyway. When Toyota made the LF-LC, it had a great response from its dealers and Toyoda is trying to do the same with FT-1 but he is not sure about the response.

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