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Toyota ME.WE is crowned for design of the year 2014

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Mar 26 , 20 14

The all new Toyota ME.WE concept car is competing against 75 innovative designs including VW XL-1 which is also a nominee for the design of the year award scheduled to be held in the London Museum. The decision was made on the bases of cutting edge technologies and design innovations used in the models. In the case of ME.WE concept; judges are quite impressed of its environment friendly technologies, there is another shortlisted car using the same technologies, which is the Volkswagen XL1.

The ME.WE concept is equipped with groundbreaking eco-friendly technologies, comes with fully transformed and lightweight structure made of aluminium and electrically driven drivetrain with a bamboo interior. 100 per cent recyclable polystyrene is used to build up the doors and bonnet of the ME.WE concept, while bumpers and other small structures are made with similar materials. This is a multitalented vehicle as it can be used as Convertible, off-roader and as a small city car at the same time but you can use it as a pick-up as well.

Several other participants and competitors of Toyota ME.WE include electric bikes and public transport apps such as citymappers. There is a school from Nigeria also shortlisted for award, shocked? No you don’t need to be, because it is a floating school from Nigerian lagoon. This is the seventh show for the Design of the Year award and its motive is to celebrate the outstanding design structures on the globe. It includes architectures, digital, fashion, furniture, graphic and product designs however the auto makers are the hot participants of the show and the final result will be announced after a voting system.

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