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Toyota MR2 engine is tuned up to produce 900bhp

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Dec 20 , 20 13

Toyota MR2 is a two seater rear wheel drive sports car shaped by Toyota Motors Japan and it was discontinued in 2007 after being sold for almost two decades since 1984. MR2 has three generations: first one is the 1984-89 which had batches with angular, origami lines, 2nd generation from 1990 to 1999 with Ferrari like styling and the third generation from 2000 to 2007 with Porsche Boxster inspiration.

It was planned to be petite, with an efficient powerplant, but sporty in approach and behaviour. Essential invent rudiments, such as Macpherson strut suspension system and transverse-mounted inline-four engines, are generally used in all three generations of MR2, although every cohort differs significantly from the next in facts. MR2 has retained its position and is a fan darling extensively after its discontinuation. Several people even think it to be the deprived man’s Ferrari.  In addition it is extremely tune able and flexible.

Though it fabricates an impious punch of 900 horsepower, its actual 2-liter 3S-GTE engine has been swapped over to fit in a 2-liter supercharged K20 900bhp Honda unit. MR2 fans most likely won’t be really delighted regarding that modification. The car has also received loads of different equipments, like turbochargers and new engines boosters.

A 2.0-litre K20 Honda engine leading the MR2 with a robust 67 exactitude turbocharger produces a deadly 900hp. it’s an engine-swapper, but as an alternative of an enormous 2JZ engine, an additional pleasant fixation to note is the dual exhaust mounted up right between the rear lights.

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