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Toyota Prius; A Car for Every Type of Driver

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Dec 12 , 20 13

Toyota Prius Hybrid has become the best selling green car in the world. We will discuss all models

as it is an all favourite car, Prius C has impressively low price in the line-up and fuel economy is also good, now it is enjoying it’s almost five years of service as a typical Hybrid car and now ready to enter into its fourth generation in 2014. The Prius is a native name for all Hybrid cars of Toyota family including liftback, classic Prius, Prius plug-in model and Prius C. All these models may look the same but there are big differences in features, such as the battery sizes and charging methodology and engine sizes including power rating etc. All models of Prius returns more than 50 mpg fuel economy except the Prius V wagon. The Prius Hybrid synergy drive models are equipped with 1.8 litres four cylinder Toyota engines and double electric motor generators to produce more than 134 horsepower while they are mated with modern power-train. Electric motor can power the car by its

own up to 30 mph of speed by offering the electric torque rather than the mechanical torque from engine and after 30mph engine takes over the electric motors. Battery pack starts charging during braking and engine overruns. It takes only 10 seconds to reach from zero to 60 mph  but it is very hard for the engine to get there in this small time and engine just howls from under the bonnet. Toyota has a great ability to produce regenerative braking systems and Prius is blessed with this technology. Same running gear is installed in the Plug-in Prius but it has 1.3 kilowatt-hour battery packs with the manufacturing chemistry of nickel-metal hydride. It replaces the 4.3 kilowatt-hour Lithium-ion battery pack which was capable of returning only 11 miles of an electric range on EPA test cycles. Present Prius plug-in Hybrid has its worldwide sales of about 31,000.

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