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Toyota Prius is Competitive Hybrid Car

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Oct 25 , 20 21

You can achieve 56mpg with the new Prius but hybrid Hyundai claims even more

Fuel economy is a great attraction for present-day car buyers and Toyota Prius offers a high fuel average with plenty of standard features. The class belongs to offers even better fuel saving than this and drives dynamics are also better. Toyota offers alternatives at cheaper rates so competition is tough.

Once it was the premium hybrid car but now there are many competitors in the class with advanced features. The hybrid hatchback still has appeal and practicality to keep buyers interested. The body design of the car is not eye-catching but Toyota has tried to maximize fuel economy.

Engine output of 121hp is meagre for quick acceleration. You can achieve 56mpg with the new Prius but hybrid Hyundai claims even more. Reconditioned Toyota Prius engines for sale can save you from losing a lot of money. All wheels drive is possible in Prius and no other hybrid car offers this drive configuration.

The front wheels drive model gets big 17 inches wheels whereas all wheels drive model has small 15 inches wheels. Heated front seats and steering has been made standard in the new version of the car. Some changes in every version are necessary to keep buyers interested in the new model.

There are eight different trim levels available to buyers and each of these distinguishes with specifications. The price difference is not great between the base level and top model of Prius. XLE model offers you heated seats and steering, electric seat adjustment and a smartphone charging pad. These options are not present in base-level L Eco. As you go for higher trim levels you get more features and convenience.

A separate electric motor is present

The entry-level model of the car has several features so if you do not want extra then do not need to spend extra. Adaptive cruise control is an important feature you get in all models of the car. The hybrid engine of the car is not exciting for drivers so you do not get a response from it when pushing the speed pedal.

On the other hand, you get similar fuel economy and reasonably quick acceleration. Handling and refinement are also not the best in class so Toyota has to make efforts to compete with modern hybrid compact cars. 1.5-litre replacement engines for Toyota Prius pull this heavy car at a good pace.

A separate electric motor is present in the wheels drive model of Prius to move the rear wheels of the car. Braking is good and energy regeneration is common to save fuel to enhance efficiency. Tires are also not as resistant as other cars so hybrid cars do not offer very good braking.

Cars stop after covering more distance than non-hybrid vehicles. On busy roads, this car returns better fuel economy than on the highway. While cruising on the highway it returns 53mpg as compared to 59mpg on bustling roads. Cabin space is generous and tall passengers find seats good enough for long-distance travelling.

Hatchback body style ensures a spacious boot area for luggage and Prius offer you space for several suitcases. The cabin has many spaces for little things and you do not face problems putting your necessary things. Toyota Prius is a good car and still many people prefer it over competitors.

A bigger screen is present in higher trims

The interior of the car has been built with fine materials so you will find soft plastic with a better feel. At the same time, you also notice hard plastic but not abundant. A seven inches touchscreen infotainment system is standard for all models of Prius. It looks nice and is easy to navigate different features present in the menu.

Integration of Apple Carplay, Android Auto and Amazon Alexa has made its complete solution of connectivity. Toyota has included these among standard features for the car and it is a wise decision. A bigger screen is present in higher trims of the car. During the daytime, the display is not very good because direct sunlight makes it less vivid. Wi-Fi hotspot is also standard in this hybrid car.

Satellite radio and six-speaker audio system let you enjoy travelling. Three USB ports are enough to use them for different functions. Navigation has been missed and there should be this important facility. Wireless charging and navigation are present in optional features with a 10 speaker’s sound system. After spending extra you will have a better feel and more facilities.

With three drive modes, you can make this car change its characteristics

Universal garage opening feature is quite convenient for drivers. 27.4 cubic feet space at the rearmost can be increased to 50 cubic feet after folding down second-row seats. All wheels drive models of Prius offer slightly less cargo space.

With three drive modes, you can make this car change its characteristics. EV, Eco and Power modes are available. The last one will have the best throttle response from this sluggish car. Engine noise remains subdued in two modes but Power mode makes it produce awkward sound.

The best fuel economy is ensured in the base level L eco model of Prius. The warranty of the car is for three years or 36000 miles. Engine warranty is for 5 years or 60000 miles. The battery warranty is further extended to ten years.

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