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Toyota Recalls Even More Vehicles

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May 28 , 20 14

Toyota Recalls More Vehicles

Toyota has issued three safety related recalls this month in the USA covering 430,500 vehicles as the auto industry stayed on track for an all-time recall record this year. The Toyota Sienna was the largest recalled vehicle at 370,000 recalls sold between the 2004 and 2011 model-years. The problem is around corrosion that can be triggered by road salt and can cause the spare tyre of the vans to fall off if their supporting cable rusts out.

The tyres are stored under the vehicle and a foam splash protector in front of the spare tyre carrier may actually wind up allowing high concentrations of salt to build up and eventually rust the spare tyre carrier assemblage.

Toyota has been the subject of large recalls associated to excess corrosion in recent years including Tacoma and Tundra pickups. Toyota also had previously recalled some of the Sienna minivans in April 2010 for a similar problem.

The second recall covers 50,000 Toyota Highlander and Highlander SUVs from the 2014 model-year. The Highlander uses a “smart” airbag system designed to differentiate between large adult males, small women and children. But a software glitch may result in the bags not inflating properly.

The third recall covers 10,500 2013 Lexus GS350 sedans. A sensing switch designed to sense when a driver has applied pressure to the brake pedal may accidentally activate on its own. If that happens, the car could begin to decelerate unexpectedly, and without the brake lights coming on to warn other drivers. That could lead to a rear-end collision.

Toyota says no accidents, injuries or fatalities connected to the problem have been reported.

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