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Toyota Scores higher with the new iQ

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Oct 31 , 20 14

Toyota iQ is the only car that took five years to make its debut


It’s taken half a decade for Toyota to bring the iQ to world’s small car market. The car was a long time in the making as the chief engineer Hiroki Nakajima said that it took long enough because it was not accomplishing our set standards. Toyota’s target was to make a small car like no one else has done before.


Toyota engineers have spent two years in a Japan engineering facility and France-based ED2 design studio before the car was finalised for production. From a full push of your right foot, its 1.0 Litre engine develops 67bhp.

The iQ has very good performance figures in a straight line and all these figures are without any help from gearing technology. It has a top speed of 99 miles per hour and it can do 62 miles per hour in second gear. It is very strange for this kind of car to use high intermediate gearing. This kind of gearing can strongly affect the performance figures like fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

During road tests, the iQ is a total disgrace with its performance figures where it scrabbled to 60 miles per hour in almost 14 seconds which is dead slow. Not even that, it takes 25seconds to go 50 to 70 miles per hour in the top gear. The 1.3 Litre, four cylinder engine develops 98bhp and it is used in several models like Auris and Verso. The idea behind fitting a relatively big engine is to offer a more overtaking ability on the wide open roads.

Prices for the standard Toyota iQ will start from around £12,000, but with optional extras it will be around £15,000.

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