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Toyota Yaris Engine Codes

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Mar 5 , 20 13

Toyota Yaris Engine Codes

Toyota Yaris Engine Size Toyota Yaris Engine Codes Technology Fuel Type Production Years
1.0 Litre 1SZFE VVT-i Petrol (1998 TO 2007)
1.0 litre 1KRFE VVT-i Petrol (2007 TO 2012)
1.3 Litre 2SZFE VVT-i Petrol (2007 TO 2009)
1.3 Litre 1NRFE Dual VVT-i Petrol (2009 TO 2012)
1.3 Litre 2NZFE VVT-i Petrol (1998 TO 2007)
1.4 Litre 1NDTV D-4D Diesel (1998 TO 2012)
1.5 Litre 1NZFE VVT-i Petrol (2000 TO 2007)
1.8 Litre 2ZRFE


Dual VVT-i Petrol (2006 TO 2012)

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