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Will you drive BMW Z4 developed by Toyota?

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Feb 25 , 20 14

Toyota is geared-up to develop its own Z4 and initially it will be a co-development of Toyota and BMW but Japanese automaker has confirmed that they will produce their own version afterwards. Both automakers were agreed on a statement in which BMW and Toyota discuss materials, powertrains and styling, however the Coupe which we are discussing is one of those suggested directions, while it’s early days for a car that will instigate few years later likely to be introduced in 2017.

It will employ a front engine and rear drive layout just like on current Z4 and new model will have all the focus on weight and likely will use the body and materials as used in i3 and i8 models of BMW which clearly means a massive use of aluminium and carbon fibre is expected to built up a Toyota Z4. These lightweight materials will use in basic body and chassis.

This type of development will lead the model to claim the same price as of the current Z4 models. In the co-creation model, Toyota will chip in its most advanced next generation plug-in Hybrid technology with capacitors like in the TS030 Le Mans vehicle and Yaris Hybrid R concept. This system is powered by most efficient lithium-ion battery pack which is well known for its extensive distance electric array with strong electric boost from the capacitors. This capacitor works like a turbocharger in the engine and the engine is likely to contribute by the BMW for more agility. For the Z4 car it is expected that the engine will not be used bigger than the 2.0 Litre.

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