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The Best Four-Wheeled Friend Ever!

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Jun 4 , 20 16

Toyota Avensis keeps the fuel consumption to lowest and leaves minimum impact on the environment because of its low emission figures.

The Toyota Avensis has earned its name and fame as the reliable vehicle in taxi ranks. It has become indispensable choice because of its larger interior space and impressive fuel economy.

The Toyota Avensis has become the popular choice for the people who are looking for drive and comfort on top of fuel efficiency and engine power. The Avensis can be classified as your best four-wheeled friend.

Power down Fuel Economy Up

Toyota has downsized the power from 2.2-litre diesel engine to 2.0-litre diesel engine but an economy is up for new Avensis. The leading automobile giant has brought special engineering efforts to keep the momentum high and running costs down.

The new Toyota Avensis with 2.0-engine has an output of 141bhp and attains 0-62mph with just 9.5sec although not fascinating but quite reasonable with such engine specification. The new Toyota Avensis returns the fuel consumption of 62.8mpg combined that makes it wonderful choice among cost sensitive motorists.

Turbocharged Capability

The 2.0 engine contains 4 cylinders in line as well as turbocharged capability. It delivers a torque of 300Nm at 1800- 2200rpm and attains the top speed of 124mph merely in a couple of seconds. The carbon emissions figures are quite impressive as well. The emission figures stay at 119g/km. When it comes to transmission, the Toyota Avensis comes up with the six-speed manual gearbox.

Standard Specification

Toyota Avensis comes up with some more specifications as standard such as it includes standard-nav, however missing some cool infotainment system features. It has adjustable lumbar support on most of its models.

On top of wider interior space, you also get plenty of boot space. Avensis remains spacious choice because of its performance and cost benefits Toyota Avensis is available for sale at the price of £23,155.

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